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1st May 2020 Update

Updated: Jul 22, 2020


Together, we’re facing a truly unprecedented situation. Our hearts go out to everyone who's been impacted by the virus, either directly or indirectly. We wish all our residents, supporters, and their loved ones well at this challenging time. There are many local community groups and WhatsApp groups already helping, but if anyone needs anything, we can help spread the word. If you feel we can assist in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


“Having more green space (parks, trees, forests, gardens and fields) in your local environment is linked with better overall health” Dr Rangan Chatterjee, Feel Better In 5

It’s wonderful to see a growing number of residents using the local footpaths for their daily exercise, and being able to enjoy the wonderful countryside. Top tip - April 2020 Currently we recommend taking a walk to see The Roughetts ancient woodland and the beautiful bluebells out in bloom there. It won’t be long before they are dormant again so see them while you can! Please remember that bluebells are a protected species so please don’t pick them. Of course, please do remember to follow government guidance and continue to adhere to social distancing rules. Share your photos Our aim is to shine a bright light on our beautiful countryside and community at this time of the year, especially to help those who cannot venture outdoors in the present circumstances. Also, to remember the very many people in flats or accommodation without access to gardens, we’d love it if you can share your photos. Whether they're from your daily exercise, something you've snapped on a walk, cycle or a run, or a view from your home. You can share your photos with us on our Facebook or Twitter, or tag us in your photos on Instagram! Stay healthy, stay safe and stay positive.


Rest assured we continue to monitor proceedings. Currently the Public Inspectors report is due within the coming weeks - originally expected April 2020 - we will provide relevant updates as they occur. Thank you as always for your support.


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