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January 2020 Update

Reference: Kent Mineral Sites Plan – Consultation, Representation Response

Dear Residents & RPG supporters

Firstly, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you, your family and friends very best wishes for 2020!

With regard to the Kent Mineral Sites Plan (The Plan), you may have received an additional communication from Kent County Council (KCC) concerning a further Consultation. This documentation arises from modifications requested by interested parties who attended the Hearing, chaired by a Public Inspector in October 2019 and mainly relate to the M3 Lenham site. Any reply/submission to these modifications should be made by midnight 14th January 2020.

The Inspectors Final Report is due later this year, although unlikely before the end of February 2020, perhaps much later.

RPG would like to advise the following.

  1. Residents may reply using the Representation Forms stating: “The Ryarsh Protection Group (RPG) will reply on my behalf” NB: this is optional since RPG will submit a formal response on behalf of our community and supporters.

  2. Residents are of course welcome to make any submission they wish but please note the Ryarsh M8 site is currently excluded from the Plan and in this instance you are unable to make any specific comment or reference to the Ryarsh site.

  3. RPG is considering the questions raised during the Inspector’s Hearing and are seeking additional expert advice to ensure we adequately address these comments. As you are aware a specific objection was raised by the promoters of the M8 Ryarsh site as they are still seeking for the Ryarsh site to be included within The Plan.

  4. We will continue to monitor the situation and advise residents of any further developments in due course.

With thanks for your continued support.


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