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June 2019 Update

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Ryarsh Quarry (M8) Update – our struggle continues!

The campaign has now moved on to the Independent Inspector stage.

What this means in practice is that the KCC have sent a copy of their Minerals and Sites Plan to an Independent Inspector who will determine whether or not the Plan is sound, legally compliant and adheres to national policy.

The KCC have included the additional feedback that was collected during the Reg 19 Consultation phase that was open for 6 weeks from February through to its closing date on March 8th 2019. This feedback consists not only of the supportive documents put forward by residents and other interested parties but also includes submissions that argue against the plan being sound.

It is the job of the Inspector to weigh these arguments and ultimately to decide on the soundness of the plan as put forward by the KCC and as a reminder the plan does not currently include the M8 site.

A number of you have made submissions that specifically requested the opportunity to attend any hearings and or speak in support of the plan. This is still possible and more information will be made available shortly however the Ryarsh Protection Group (RPG) is strongly of the opinion that we should take both Planning and Legal advice ahead of any hearings after which we intend to try and present our own reasonable and well voiced arguments to the Independent Inspector in support of the Plan.

Professional advice costs money so we are delighted to announce that we will shortly be launching the Ryarsh Lotto to raise funds to continue this important campaign. Please support this initiative by buying tickets. Your continued involvement is crucial and will contribute greatly to the potential success of our campaign.

A further update will follow shortly.

Mark Nankivell

For and on behalf of the RPG – fighting to protect our village

10 June 2019


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